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Je vous ai déjà parlé à plusieurs reprises des fascinantes pratiques d’ornements corporels des tribus de l’Omo. Aujourd’hui, je vous propose des portraits d’enfants, dont la beauté s’exprime par la nature qui les entoure.
Proud: With his painted face and crown of greenery this child is a proud member of one of the tribes who call the Omo Valley in Ethipia home
Camouflaged: A group of children disguise themselves with vegetation for a hunting trip near their African homeCamouflage: des enfants arborant divers végétaux s’en allant chasser.
Sharp shooter: A young boy plays with a wooden gun. Although the tribes' rustic lifestyles are far removed from modern towns and cities influences have crept inJouets d’enfants: le monde moderne n’est jamais très loin…
Ritual: The tribes people's way of life is largely untouched by modernity
Intricate: This young child is shown with intricate face paint, a bright red flower in his mouth and strings of hand-strung beads
Illustrated: The book highlights the ways of the Omo tribes who live close to nature with their painted faces, scarified bodies and extravagant headdresses with plants and feathers cleverly combined
Intricate: Some of the tribes people decorate their faces and bodies with coloured clay as often as three times a day
A flower in your hair: This youngster sports a floral headdress and a brightly painted face
Famous: The Omo Valley is renowned as being one of the most unique places on earth because of the wide variety of people and animals that inhabit it
Decorative: The tribe members often fashion their beautiful headdresses out of flowers
Celebration: Photographer Hans Silvestre described the paint and head dresses worn by his subjects as a 'kind of coquetry, seduction, pride and celebration'
At play: These two children both wear headdresses and clothing made from plants, as well as having their bodies painted
Climbing high: A young boy, his face decorated with a large red cross and naked apart from his grassy headdress climbs a tree
Hidden: A youngster clings to a tree in the region which is so remote it can not even be found on a GPS device
Secret: Despite his painted body this man manages to blend in amongst the Ethiopian vegetation
Balancing act: A young child balances a branch laden with seed pods
Taking the plunge: A child takes a dip in the waters of the Omo river
Two of a kind: Two children from one of the Omo tribes which populate the remote Omo Valley in Ethiopia