Dans la vie, il y a des choses importantes. Comme la sieste. Et ce n’est pas un escargot qui pourrait faire changer cela, fusse en passant sur vous. Le photographe Lessy Sebastian, vivant à Jakarta, a pris ces photos dans son jardin (durée totale de l’action: 8 min).

Here we go! The frog was napping in a branch when a snail slid along to interrupt its snooze
Slow and steady wins the race: The snail decides the only way to reach its destination is to slide over the frog - which takes eight minutes
What? The snail appears to pose for Indonesian photographer Lessy Sebastian's camera
Keeping quiet: The snake gently slides over the head of the sound asleep amphibian
Easy does it... The snail is one of the many types of small creatures that frogs regularly eat
Phew! The photographer says the pictures remind him of a double-decker bus